Monday, May 10, 2010

Where is Your Business Brain?

The artistic brain works in mysterious ways. We as artists come up with weird ideas that no one else even bothers to think about, and we make connections between things that don’t make logical sense sometimes. We are motivated and affected by color and mood and imagery in a way that non-artists don’t understand. Not only are artists naturally this way, but on top of it we need to focus on these abstract subjects throughout our lives in order to develop. What ends up happening, I think, is that artists end up sheltered from reality in a way because we are busy creating our own.

Then one day you realize that you need to translate this unique outlook into an art-related business in order to stay alive and keep food on your table (or else risk giving up spending a majority of your time on the arts). But, business is all about forms and rules and decisions that are based completely on input from the outside instead of input that is developed from the inside. For the artist, it’s a different way of thinking. And, you probably (like most) have no idea how to do that. It’s a rude awakening.

So, if you need to be successful in art-related business, you need exposure to this through-the- looking-glass way of thinking (for artists that is looking out of Wonderland and into boring normal life) so you can see how your business fits into the (boring/actual) world and therefore get an idea of what you should be doing so that you can thrive in that world. To do that you need to figure out where your business brain is located so you can tap into it and use its powers to compliment your art brain.

There are two places to find this necessary business brain:

1) Find it at home: Do you have a spouse, significant other, family member, or friend who is in a field like accounting, marketing, or who runs a small business of any kind? If so, then they probably already know tons of stuff that you need to know, and hopefully they would like to help you out and share their knowledge with you. They will also probably know other people that you could connect with who specialise in even more details that you need to know.
This seems to be the most popular area that artists find their business brains- the next time you’re at a comic convention, count the number of artists that are sitting to the side as their spouse does all the selling work, and you’ll see what I mean. I think it’s because this is the easiest way that doesn’t require as much risk as the alternative; but it is also harder to get a good return because your potential is limited to the people that you know or meet randomly.

But what if you are a recluse, have sworn yourself to a lifetime of singlehood or if you keep befriending only other likeminded artists? Well- there is hope still:

2) Find it in a stranger’s brain: There are businesses out there that have been created specifically to help others run their businesses, and this is the way that successful business people tend to go. No business owner knows everything. In fact we have all heard about how a wise person knows their strengths and limitations, and knows when to seek help. This literally describes how you need to think if you run your own business. You are an artist, yes? But you’re probably not also a business person. So you need to find a business person to help. And actually even if you can find it at home, at some point you will need to graduate to the brain of a stranger once you get into more complicated stuff or once your family members burn out on helping.

But where Specifically do you find these strangers who hold the knowledge that you need?
-There is the option of seeking out a business consultant who may be able to charge you a small monthly flat rate for consulting and assistance with particular issues. You will need to call various places and tell them what you need and see what their suggestions and price ranges are. If you contact smaller consulting businesses to start, the likelihood that they will be cheaper increases. Once you start earning more money you can hire larger and larger firms if you feel you need to.

-Or if you have limited funds, start out with a class or two at a local college on entrepeneurship or running your own business

-And, organizations such as your local Small Business Association often have seminars and classes to help those who are looking to start a business. Through participating you will also find more similarly minded people who are seeking the same goals as you, some who are farther ahead, and some who are behind you in terms of knowledge.

-Of course there are also books and blogs on these subjects, which are helpful, but the essential difference is that you will most likely need a flesh and blood mentor that you can talk to. They can show you exactly what to do with a form, explain terms that you haven't encountered before, and help with those other little details that are just impossible to understand without real life experience..

Looking on the bright side, even business majors graduate and don't know what they're doing in business- they learn through real life experience. And that's what we have to do too, Just remember that it's a slow process but you can make major progress quickly, and that you don't need to know everything, as long as you know who to ask for help!

So, where is your business brain?

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